The programs we provide reflect the concerns and needs of Khmer women and have an interconnection between good health, positive parenting and healthy relationships; for improved living conditions.


Information and Referral Program

WRC is first and foremost a drop-in center for information and referrals where women, girls and their families can visit to seek support, share concerns, ask questions and receive free referrals to the many services available to women in Siem Reap. A 'drop-in center' means people can visit any time during office hours, even without an appointment.

WRC believes that providing women and girls with access to information and knowledge is the most effective method of empowerment. 

Our extensive and well-researched referral database makes it possible to offer women further options of support, best suited to meet their needs. WRC initiates contact, on our clients behalf, with local organisations, public and private, which provide services for women. We work closely with these organisations to provide the best possible care and support for our clients. 


Women’s Health Workshops - women only

Covering topics such as anatomy of a women's body, hygiene, contraception, family planning, safe motherhood, pregnancy and safe abortion, women and girls learn basic, yet essential information about their bodies.A lack of reproductive health and general health knowledge in Cambodia leads to detrimental situations that can easily be prevented with the right education.

Women learn about good nutrition, good hygiene and how to care for themselves to insure good health. Pre and post natal care also ensures healthy pregnancies; for both mother and baby. For women and girls who are not planning pregnancies, these sessions provide an opportunity to learn about health issues and health care to best prepare them for the possibility of a future pregnancy.


Parents Talk Workshops - for all parents about life issues

Facilitated in the form of a discussion group with parents, we inform parents on best practices in child raising, child development, anger management, and discuss concepts of self-awareness, child discipline, the importance of play and affection. 

By allowing parents, both mothers and fathers, to discuss and learn about the needs and developmental norms of children, we find a harmonious and mutually  supportive network is naturally formed. This presents as an opportunity for parents and couples to talk about and perhaps find solutions to the issues they face. It also allows individuals to realize that they are not alone in their troubles and can take comfort in the fact that they could resolve these issues together, specifically as a family.


Legal Aid Workshops (LAW) - open to women and men

This workshop discusses Family Law, Domestic Violence and Gender Equity, and aims to educate and inform participants about their rights and responsibilities in Cambodia. Participants learn to understand what legal services are and discussions lead to the promotion of a society where men and women live with equality. 

Sessions on Marriage and Family Law explain the legalities and difference between the traditional marriage ceremony and a legal and registered marriage. Also discussed is the course of action regarding divorce and the court procedure surrounding children and property settlement. Domestic Violence is strongly focused on as we educate both women and men about the various forms of domestic violence; not just physical violence. We aim to empower women though this information about how best to recognize domestic violence and protect themselves accordingly. Gender roles, stereotypes and expectations are also discussed, and commonly lead to realisations that women and men can share responsibilities both inside and outside the home.