Located in Siem Reap, Cambodia, Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is first and foremost a drop-in center welcoming women to ask questions regarding all aspects of life. We assist all women by providing information, direct service and by a well developed and researched referral system that helps them get the support and care they need at other partner agencies. The network professionals and organizations that WRC has formed provides a solid foundation of referrals for us to confidently provide women, ensuring the right help and support they need is specific to their situation.

In addition we have established a secondary program of educational workshops that are not readily available in Siem Reap, but are assessed as a vital need within the community, such as Legal Aid, Women’s Health, and Parents Talk workshops. We only create programs that we feel are not widely available or have not been introduced as yet. In this way, we are not repeating the great work done by others and are focusing on filling the gap of services and information. We are also working on establishing two additional workshops: Financial Literacy and Work Skills Training.

WRC is also a place where women can come and discuss their issues and feelings in groups or individually with peer counselors. Our staff are trained on support services techniques and counseling skills to be able to approach the different and difficult situations presented by our clients. 

Women’s Resource Center enables more women to seek help and advice. WRC is changing the climate of silence and inaction in Siem Reap and the surrounding communities. We represent the voice and needs of women in Cambodia. Without this representation, the social and economic situation of women’s rights and status will never progress, as it should. 

We are leading Cambodia to change the way resources and services are offered and networked for women.

  1. 1 in 4 women are victims of domestic violence

  1. Maternal mortality rate is 206 deaths per 100,000 live births

  1. Among all women who have reported experiencing physical or sexual violence, only 31% have ever sought help

  1. 71% of births are assisted by a skilled attendant (doctor, nurse, midwife)

  1. Women who have secondary/higher education have an average of 2.4 children while women with no schooling have an average of 3.7

  1. Without adequate care, a child’s probability of dying under 5 per 100, 000 live births : 54

  1. Children with uneducated mothers and those living in the poorest households are most likely to be malnourished

  1. 17% of women have an unmet need for family planning

  1. 28% of Cambodian children under age 5 are underweight

  1. 26% of women are illiterate

Statistics taken from: CDHS 2005, 2010