Thanks for celebrating our anniversary with us!

Thanks for celebrating our anniversary with us!

A big thank to you to the 60 local Siem Reap inhabitants that turned out in support of our 5th Anniversary celebrations at Il Forno last Friday.

The fundraiser and auction, with sponsorship from Cellars D’Asie and AusKhmer, was held in celebration of our commitment to empowering women and advocating for gender equality in Cambodia.

The night included delicious Italian food and an eventful auction that raised nearly $8,000 for our outreach program. Auction prizes included Phum Baitang Resort, 4Rivers EcoLodge and Song Saa Island in Cambodia; Amantaka in Laos; Grand Hyatt in Singapore; El Nido Cove Resort in the Philippines; Awanmulan in Malaysia; and Sampran Riverside in Thailand.

“We are so happy with the support shown to WRC from the local Siem Reap inhabitants. It’s comforting to know that everyone believes in what we are doing.”– Pisey Khim, WRC Managing Director.

In 2016, we are expanding our work to include outreach workshops in nearby villages. Working with the local authority, we have already surveyed local inhabitants to fully understand the community’s current needs and struggles. A pilot program of tailored workshops will run throughout the year, starting February, and will monitor the community’s progress.

Our new outreach programs aims to tackle the current culture of silence and stigma around education for women and girls by directly advocating for women’s rights and gender equality in the community.

Too often women cannot attend our in-center workshops because they can’t find anyone to look after their children. By maximizing her ability to gain knowledge, we’re maximizing her potential to be self-empowered.

Plus these outreach workshops offer the chance for men to also participant and understand their role in bringing about gender equality in the community. They are an effective, holistic approach to breaking down existing myths and inappropriate social norms.


Photos courtesy of WRC’s Multimedia Facilitator, Sarout An.