Violence against women is never OK photography competition

Violence against women is never OK photography competition

Enter an image that portrays violence against women is never OK.

This image can be blunt or abstract. It can document Cambodian families or friends or just Cambodian people and their neighborhoods in general. However it must help us to communicate that violence against women is never OK.


What happens if you become a finalist?

Our judges will select 16 finalists and display their images in the Royal Gardens in the center of Siem Reap town for 16 days, from International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women until International Human Rights Day (25 November – 10 December).

The public will vote from the 16 finalists for the most impacting image.


What you could win…

We will announce the winners on 10 December 2015 at an exclusive event held at Shinta Mani Resort in Siem Reap.

1st prize : two nights at Shinta Mani Resort

2nd prize : helicopter ride over Siem Reap thanks to Helicopter Cambodia

3rd prize : dinner for two, including wine, at Raffles Hotel d’Angkor in Siem Reap

Plus your image could be published in Southeast Asia GLOBE magazine – a great opportunity for any burgeoning photographer!


Some background information…

Many people in Cambodia believe men and women should be equal, but when comes down to everyday activities, Cambodian women still have many hurdles to jump. One such hurdle is her vulnerability to violent acts. According to the UN:

  •  25% of Cambodian women have experienced physical or sexual violence or both by an intimate partner
  • 52.7% of Cambodian women experience physical violence before they turn 18
  • 1 in 3 Cambodian men have perpetrated physical and/or sexual violence against their intimate partner
  • 54.3% of men have used at least one act of emotional abuse against their intimate partner

In addition to this, many Cambodian women don’t know their rights and most don’t have access to safe shelter and resources (if needed).

Draw attention to this issue and help all Cambodians understand that violence against women is never OK!


How to apply

  1. Shoot your photo story (maximum of 2 images per person). Your image must portray that violence against women is never OK. Both of your shots must be accompanied by caption text (no more than 16 words) to help contextualize the shot.
  2. Upload your photo to our photo contest page on Facebook.


Who can apply and what we are looking for?

This competition is open to Cambodians and foreigners living in Cambodia. It is your chance to showcase your photography talents and unique creativity.

An estimated million people are said to come through Siem Reap in their effort to explore Angkor Wat, and December is peak tourist season. This means all those tourists, plus many Siem Reap locals will potentially see your image, giving your work great exposure. Not to mention this competition’s goal is to raise awareness for a good cause – the end of violence against women in Cambodia!

Your image will be judged based on your:

  • Originality
  • Ability to convey the message that “violence against women is never OK” in a Cambodian context. We will look at both your photography and its caption.
  • Excellent technique

*Note: Should your entry reach the final round of judging you will be asked to supply the RAW file of your photo (these will be published in print and online). You will also be asked to participate in a short one-minute video, where you will talk briefly about the concept behind your work.


Any Questions?

  1. Can I enter more than once?
    The maximum entry for each person is 2 photographs.
  2. Do photos need to be taken with somewhat professional-grade camera equipment?
    Camera equipment does not matter at all. Submit what you think works best. Remember we are looking for originality and your ability to convey the message that “violence against women is never OK” in a Cambodian context. The image should be of good quality but you don’t always need professional gear to get that.
  3. What do I need to include in the captions?
    You do not need to write an entire story, just give the photos context and a bit of background. You MUST include a caption for each image. Each caption must not be longer than 16 words.
  4. What resolution do you recommend for my photos?
    We suggest a resolution of 72 ppi/dpi and a pixel length of at least 960 pixels.
  5. Do I have to submit RAW files?
    Finalists will be asked to submit RAW files. If you did not originally save your images as RAW files, or no longer have them, an untouched JPEG file would suffice – but only if it was not processed.

For all other questions, email us at