Here at Women’s Resource Center (WRC), we believe that providing women with access to information and knowledge is the most effective method of self-empowerment. Since 2010, we have endeavored to change the climate of silence and inaction in Siem Reap and the surrounding communities.

First and foremost, we are a drop-in center where local women can safely ask questions regarding any aspect of their life and their children’s lives. Our trained staff use support services techniques and counseling skills to assist these women to best approach their unique situation.

Then through our education workshops like women’s health, women’s rights and gender, parenting, and financial empowerment, we’re able to help women gain the skills and confidence they need to change their lives for the better.

We want to transform the way resources are offered and networked for women. This is why we only create programs we feel are not widely available or have not been introduced as yet. In this way, we’re not repeating the great work done by others, but are instead focusing on filling the gap of services and information.

Our drop-in center and referral service is a trusted resource in the community for women seeking aid available through other avenues. By partnering with other agencies in the community, we are able to further expand our target reach.

MISSION: Women’s Resource Center exists to work with and inspire Cambodian women and girls to make well-informed
decisions about their lives.

VISION: We envision Cambodian women and girls having the capacity to promote social wellbeing and gender equity in Cambodia.

Care and Respect: WRC believes that all human beings should be treated fairly regardless of their background, education or gender.
Ethics and Responsibility: We believe in holding ourselves accountable to all stakeholders. WRC clients are always put first. WRC operates openly, honestly and transparently.
Partnership and Collaboration: We partner with organizations and authorities. We collaborate with women to encourage their participation in WRC’s service provision.
Learning and Sharing: We believe that we can always learn from each other. We are willing to receive and give constructive feedback internally and with our stakeholders.