Sharing knowledge about the female body is an important step in reducing gender discrimination. With accurate education, we can reduce stigma and myths, and make people feel more comfortable in seeking advice. In 2018, WRC began a pilot project on Menstruation Health Management with five primary schools, hosting workshops in collaboration with Prey Thom Primary School and Siem Reap Educational Office. It was important for us to engage both male and female students in the workshops to normalize conversations about female health.
So far 24 workshops have been conducted with 186 students, who have learnt about general hygiene, food and nutrition, reproductive health and menstrual hygiene management. We also provided accessible sanitary products and options in identified schools to reduce female  educational barriers. Additional resources such as a rubbish bin, towel, soaps and sanitary school kit were provided to ensure that all girls can comfortably attend school whilst on their menstrual cycles. Three days of training were provided to 20 teachers on these topics to ensure that they can continue teaching students about these vital life skills.
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