There are lots of ways you can help us support Cambodian women in Siem Reap.
Currently, we take two volunteers from anywhere in the world at any one time to help us. We would love to take on more volunteers, but we’re just a small organization so it’s not possible to facilitate everyone.
We would also like to encourage Cambodians to offer their skills and time with our organization. We believe in building the skill set of local Cambodians so they can lead the country to a brighter future.
Here’s what you need to do to sign up:
How to apply
If you work in a relevant field of practice and meet one of our organizational needs, email us at with:

  • your CV
  • a one-page cover letter detailing the length of time you wish to volunteer for as well as the specific skills, knowledge and experience you wish to offer to support our work
What you will do?
As a volunteer, you’ll offer additional support to strengthen the local team’s capacity. This means you don’t work directly with clients or groups, but work closely with the local team to help build their confidence in sustainably carrying out their everyday workload. We want to ensure we continue to be operated by Cambodian women for Cambodian women.
How long should you volunteer for?
This depends on your role at Women’s Resource Center. Generally, we ask for a minimum of 6 weeks, giving you ample time to get to know the organization as well as maximising access to your shared knowledge, skills and experience.
To protect our sensitive work and to prevent too much disruption to the team, we generally don’t take on volunteers offering to volunteer for less than a week.
Will you get paid?
Due to limited finances, we’re unable to offer accommodation or subsidy for your volunteer time. At present, we also don’t have a Volunteer Coordinator, which means we require volunteers to be self-motivated, flexible, independent, proactive and resourceful.

*A one time administration fee of $150 is required from all volunteers, which covers providing you with support prior and during your time with us.

What to do before you start?
Please provide us with:

  • a Working with Children check
  • proof of travel insurance, including medical evacuation in case of illness or acciden
Tracy Whitmore
Social worker volunteer

“I thoroughly enjoyed my time volunteering at Women’s Resource Center. I’m passionate about women’s rights and safety so when I heard about the Center, I knew I wanted to become involved. However, I wanted to ensure I had something to offer them. Their professional approach to the recruitment process assured me I did. In fact, their professional approach to everything they did really impressed me.

“The women working at the Center are amazing. I’m not really sure who learned more from the experience – me or them. They are such a passionate and supportive group of women. I am sure this the beginning of an ongoing relationship with the Center and the women who have made a commitment to improving the safety and quality of life for women and girls in Cambodia.”


There are loads of ways you can offer your invaluable support from the comfort of your own home. In fact, much of our work could not continue without the generous assistance of our dedicated and creative supporters overseas. The proceeds from their fundraisers have directly supported the local wages, resources and tools used to run our educational workshops and counseling services.
The possibilities of fundraisers are endless and can be as small or as big as your wish. Any effort is greatly appreciated by us!
If you are interested in fundraising in your hometown or in Siem Reap, write to with your ideas.

Here are several ideas our current supporters have found successful:
  • holding events in aid of Women’s Resource Center
  • “Saturday Night In” with friends, where each person invited to the nominated person’s home donates the cost they would normally spend going out for dinner
  • selling all those old clothes gathering dust at the bottom of your closet at a flea market
  • holding an art/photography auction at a local venue
  • hosting a high tea, movie night, sports event or food stall in your community
  • organizing an online fundraiser – the power of social media is ever expanding!
  • Collaborating with a local business such as a café or restaurant to hold a charity dinner or donate $1 of every coffee sold during busy Saturday trade
  • Approaching businesses to donate gift vouchers to be raffled off at a function (many people often want to support a good cause so believe it never hurts to ask!)
Dr Robert Nassau
Fundraised by holding a Day-Long Yoga and Meditation Retreat and Benefit

“It was fun to do this event! We all enjoyed the day and the feeling of doing something that benefited other people. I personally enjoyed it because I could turn my mind off from everything that I was worrying about and present on Women’s Resource Center. Everyone loved to hear about the work they’re doing. It was truly my pleasure to taken this project on.”


If you email ahead of time, we would love to host your visit in between delivering our programs. It’s important to note, however, that we don’t allow visitors to the Center during the running of our workshops or while clients are accessing our counseling services. As you can imagine, protecting women’s right to privacy must remain our priority. Email us at with the time you hope to pop in.