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Drop-In Center

Our drop-in center provides counseling, emotional support and free referrals to local health and human services.
Open to: All women with or without an appointment.
Why it’s important: Providing women and girls with access to information and knowledge is the most effective method of empowerment. We offer a safe place where women, girls and their families can visit to seek support, share concerns, ask questions and receive free referrals to the many services available to women in Siem Reap. In our center, women come seeking support and alleviation from domestic abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, general and reproductive health, legal and emotional counseling, among many others. 

House of Family - Positive Parenting
Mums and dads join in to discuss how to build healthy relationships and good communication with their children. This workshop covers child-raising and development, discipline, anger management, and the importance of child play and affection.
Open to: All parents, including future parents, either together or individually.
Why it’s important: It’s up to Cambodian mothers and fathers to make better lives for their children. One workshop graduate summed up the situation in Cambodia: “Before, I thought that daughters were not allowed to study. [People] think that study is not important for girls. Now I feel brave.”
YWE - Young Women Entrepreneurs

This program contains series of financial literacy workshops for women to learn about money management skills and enable financial empowerment and security for themselves, their families and their business. It covers expense priorities, goal setting, tracking expenses, savings, and planning for emergencies and risks. This workshop is run in cooperation with our partners at the Heinrich Böll Stiftung e.V.
Open to: Informal-working women who have no access to regular income, employment benefits, health care or financial security/stability.
Why it’s important: Many Cambodian women have limited knowledge, confidence and skills in economic and financial issues. Financial literacy not only increases Cambodian women’s decision-making power in household dynamics (so they don’t always have to be beholden to their husbands), it also increases their ability to support their community.

Eliminating Violence Against Women and Girls

Yearly, we join the international 16 day campaign on Eliminating Violence Against Women and Girls; reaching thousands of individuals in Siem Reap, Cambodia and even the rest of the world. This campaign perfectly complements our day to day campaigns, educational workshops and movements on women’s rights and gender.
Open to: All members of society.
Why it’s important: Domestic violence is too common here and our law program focuses heavily on rights related to a safe home and, if needed, a fair divorce.

Outreach Workshops in Schools

With our informal education workshops for girls we bridge the gap of the national curriculum with basic yet essential information about their bodies as well as their rights. This workshop covers family planning, contraception, pregnancy and pre- and post-natal care, safe abortion, anatomy, nutrition, safe sex and sexually transmitted infections.
Open to: Girls attending partner schools
Why it’s important: Many topics are still considered controversial within Cambodian households and are not yet included in the national curriculum. In an age and culturally appropriate manner, we bridge the gap to provide girls with information about their bodies, the processes they go through, hygiene and sexual health.

Safer Cities for Girls

This program is part of Plan International’s initiative in main cities of different countries located across different continents to increase feelings of safety for girls. This will include their perceived safety when walking in different areas of their cities, for which a wide campaign to raise awareness on the issue of girls’ safety which includes the wider society. In this program, youths also get to meet with local leaders and make requests in regards to their safety. 
Open to: Adolescent girls and boys.
Why it’s important: Educating and empowering Cambodia’s youth leads to a better understanding of sex and gender, women’s rights, breaking gender biases and helping them to respect women and live more equitable lives.

Home Gardening Project

We have mapped rural areas in need and recruited families in dire need for food sustainability. This project provides them with vegetable seeds and chickens for their farming, so that they can feed themselves and also make an additional income or trade with other families. 
Open to: Families of rural communities in Siem Reap.
Why it’s important: Food sustainability is becoming more and more important, especially when the evidence against factory farming continues to grow. Likewise, self-sustaining households when it comes to food are an alleviation to malnutrition and poverty. 

Outreach (Village) Workshops
Working with Commune and Village Chiefs, we run informal education workshops in the villages that address community needs and struggles. Topics include safe migration, domestic violence awareness, alcohol awareness, women’s health, parent talks (positive parenting), gender roles (equity and equality), and financial literacy.
Topics are chosen depending on the needs and struggles of that particular commune or village. This information is found through community research.
Open to: members of the community selected by the Commune and/or Village Chief
Why it’s important: village workshops are a great way to extend our support beyond our center and ensure both community leaders and parents, especially mothers, pass on good habits to their children.