Executive Director
My name is Vanthat Kong, and I am originally from Siem Reap, Angkor. I am a second child of one sister and three brothers. I graduated my bachelor degree in Business Administration of Accounting and Finance and master degree of General Management. I have more than 5 years working as Deputy Director for the Sangkheum Center for children, on the project of Social and Education Training Program for Disadvantaged Children and 3 years working in Building Relation Department as sponsorship officer at Plan International Cambodia. I also completed a Fundamentals of Management course with Possibilities World, Master Training on Communicating for Advocacy at the Khmer Angkor Development Organization and monitoring and evaluation training, and an in depth ten month Social Work training with First Step Cambodia and Child Protection training with Social Services Cambodia. I have started with Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) since 2009 as a Board of Director.  Because I want to get involved in supporting disadvantaged women and girls who suffered from any form of abuses and discrimination to realized their potential and claim their right as active citizen where they can make their own decision for their life.

Through this strong connection with WRC and my previous experienced I strongly believe that I can lead WRC team and growth WRC to achieve its goals.

Pisey Khim, Program Manager at Women's Resource Center, Cambodia
Program Manager
My name is Pisey Khim and I am from Siem Reap province. I’m the youngest of 5 sisters and 1 brother. In early 2008, I married my husband Kil and now we have a lovely 5-year-old son, Sokdin. Why am I at Women’s Resource Center? Because it provides different types of information to women who need support and don’t know where to go. I am a Cambodian woman and I can say that I understand why women are too shy to talk about their concerns or problems – keeping them inside their minds – because I used to be like that too. I don’t think it is healthy because the problems don’t go anywhere, and they can grow bigger inside the mind and create unnecessary stress. I want women to come to our Center and share about their concerns and issues.

We offer a safe and confidential place for emotional support and free information. Welcome to all women!

Kimsan Oun, Programs Coordinator at Women's Resource Center, Cambodia
Education Workshop Coordinator
My name is On Kisan and I was born in Siem Reap Province. I am the 7th child out of 9 brothers and sisters and I have two daughters with my husband. When I am not working, I like to go anywhere out of town to a place with plenty of trees and water. I studied as a nurse and in my second year I was a student of Management at the University of South-East Asia. After graduating, I worked at Chongkneas Health Center as a nurse for two years, then at the Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia (RHAC) for another two years. I started at WRC as a health facilitator and then as a program coordinator; finally, I am currently the Education Workshop Coordinator. I am passionate about women’s rights because I see that women and girls need support and information about women’s health, rights and gender equality, parenting, and finances – which can be done through counseling. Because most women in Cambodia only study up to primary level, my favourite aspect and goal at WRC is to see all the women and girls in Cambodia become stronger.

My dream for Cambodian women is to see all women become educated, work, and make family decisions.

Bunnak Leng, Accountant & Admin Officer at Women's Resource Center, Cambodia
Finance & Admin Officer
My name is Bunnak Leng and I am a Cambodian woman from Siem Reap province. I am married and have three children. I studied Accounting and Finance at Build Bright University, and previously worked at the Angkor Hospital for Children. I am also a primary school teacher. My favorite thing about working at WRC is that we provide counseling support and informal education workshops on important topics like women’s health, financial literacy, positive parenting and women’s rights and gender equality. When I am not at work I always take care of my children at home, giving them good advice and teaching them good qualities and helping them with homework. My hero provided for me and taught me to be a good person with strength and kindness. Sometimes she is a good friend and sometimes she is a sister; she is my mother and she is a strong lady.

In the future I want to see a safe and equal society, where opportunities are fair for women. Women will be empowered, educated, respected and able to make decision about their own lives.

Navy Porng, Administration Assistant at Women's Resource Center
Finance and Admin Assistant
My name is Navy Porng and I have been living in Siem Reap city since 2018. My hometown is Yeay Mey village in Siem Reap province. In my family, there are 7 members; my parents are farmers and I have one older brother and another younger brother. I am currently studying in Vanda Institute and majoring in accounting. I also studied at PEPY Empowering Youth Learning Center organization in English, Computers, and soft skills. When I am not at work, I like to exercise, do yoga, hang out with my friends, work on assignments, listen to music, and I sometimes volunteer in the community.  Some of my favorite things about working at WRC is their goal to empower women and reinforce equal rights.  My hero is my principle from high school that provided me with education, advice, and encouraged me to be a good student; I appreciate his leadership that made me the strong woman I am today. My final dream for Cambodian women is to see them have equal rights and opportunities in society.

I am passionate about women’s rights because I want women and men to have equal opportunities and I also want women’s voices to be heard and respected.

Sreymom Chhoun, Social Worker
Social Worker
I am Chhoun Sreymom. I hold a Bachelor of Education in teaching English as a foreign language, and have experience in social work, psycho-social skills, case management, leadership, communication, gender, child protection, and children’s rights. I am married with two sons. My older son is 9 years old. He is in grade 3, and in the future he wants to be a doctor. My younger son is two years old and is an adoring boy. My favorite things at Women’s Resource Center Organization are helping women and their family such as provide emotional support, emergency assistant, education, and any activities that empower women especially with women who affect by domestic violence. In my spare time, I usually accompany my son to supermarket and see around the city. I prepare special food for my family, watch TV with family, do housework, and take time to relax. When I was 7 years old I saw two people came to my house and asking questions to my grandfather. They came with bag and appropriate clothes. From that day I was dream to be an officer in any department or organization in the future even though I grew up in farmer family. I remembered that everything came be if I do. Now my dream has come true.

I want to say to all Cambodian women that “Let go to school and get an education because only education can change your life to become the best life”.

Thida Uy
Community Outreach Assistant
Och Phlong, Tuk-tuk Driver at Women's Resource Center, Cambodia
Tuk Tuk Driver
My name is Phlong Och and I am from Siem Reap Province. I currently live with my husband and our four children. My husband is a farmer and I am a Tuk Tuk driver at WRC. When I am not working, I teach myself how to use the computer and I use Youtube to learn English, listen to music, and watch movies. Before working at WRC, I worked as a silk weaver; but after seven years, I stopped working because I had to look after my children. After nine years of not working, I saw an announcement that was recruiting Tuk Tuk drivers so I went to apply and I got the job. I was interested in working at WRC because I have some experience with the position as a Tuk Tuk driver, where I saw problems related to women. Women were not always aware of their rights and how to report problems. WRC takes these issues related to women and offer training and counseling services to find solutions and make women feel safe. My favorite aspect of working at WRC is that it empowers women and provides equal rights to the staff. My hero today is the program management and finance/admin that trust me and provide me with the opportunity to grow.

My dream in the future is to see women in the community understand their rights and secure useful skills and knowledge.

Kunthea Ny, Women's Resource Center, Cambodia
Programs Assistant
My name is Kunthea Ny and I am from Siem Reap Province. I have eight members in my family with three brothers and three sisters. I graduated in grade 12 and I have been studying as a counselor for half a year. When I am not at work, I enjoy watching the news about my country and work on something creative. Before working at WRC, I use to be part of the intern staff since 2015. I am grateful for WRC for caring and helping with the empowerment of women by providing constructive life experiences. I am passionate about women’s rights because every woman should have the right to find work and make money independently in order to allow them the experiences to show their power and abilities to their community. My hero today is my team at WRC because we learn from each other everyday by providing care and love. My final dream for Cambodian women is to see them stand in an equal society where women empower women.

My favorite aspect of working at WRC is the familial work environment that is made up of openhearted, empathetic, and supportive women.


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