We would love to share a wonderful story with you about Phanny, who recently completed our financial literacy workshop, ‘Riel Change’.
Phanny is a mother of two children, wife and small business owner. Phanny runs a small vegetable stall at her local market, selling vegetables she buys from a local farmer. Before attending our workshop, Phanny was unaware how much money she was earning – or losing  – in her business, and how much she spent on her family and business expenses, as she combined her personal and business finances.
Phanny’s vision board of her short-term goals to achieve during and shortly after the workshop firmly stated the following:
1)     To save money to buy a bicycle for my son
2)     To negotiate with my husband about his alcohol use
3)     To grow my own vegetables to sell at my market stall
We are thrilled to report that Phanny is now managing her daily income and expenses and running a personal and business budget. Phanny said to us, “learning about saving, budgeting and how to track my income is really important for me as a small market seller.” Phanny learnt how to increase the value of her product and is now growing her own vegetables to sell at her stall, which has increased her profit margins!
After the workshop we visited Phanny at her home to follow up on the impact she sees attending Riel Change has had on her life and she excitedly announced to us, “I have achieved my goal because I have saved to buy a bicycle for my son, as I promised him.” Phanny is happy and proud as now her son can get to school on time.
Equally as exciting is that Phanny’s husband is so impressed with her new knowledge and how much her business has improved, he has reduced his drinking and in Phanny words, “he respects me more”.
Phanny’s goals were both professional and personal, which many women’s are, as family is as important to women in Cambodia (if not more) as business and profit margins. Our financial literacy workshop facilitates development in both areas, to support women to be able to improve aspects of their lives that they deem important. That is what we call empowerment!
*Name changed to protect the anonymity of our client.